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Crail Ranch Homestead Museum is a project of the Big Sky Community Corporation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization which exists to promote, acquire, preserve, and maintain land, parks, trails, and easements for the use of the people of the Big Sky Community and general public.Contact the Crail Ranch Conservators organization at
A F Crail, about 1886
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Sunny Weather Brings Many Visitors To the Crail Ranch in 2014
The Crail Ranch Homestead Museum welcomed 243 visitors this summer. Also, 416 visitors signed the guest book in the Museum Annex at the Visitor's Center January through September.
Publications and Articles Available
Articles pertaining to the history of the Crail Ranch and the Gallatin Canyon basin area now known as Big Sky may now be downloaded free through our PUBLICATIONS web page
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More than 30% of Museum visitors surveyed said that they heard about Crail Ranch from local friends -- a sure sign of the value of Crail Ranch to the community!  
On September 17, 2014,  Rotary District Governor Roy Beekman and Rotary Club of Big Sky President Grant Hilton accepted a Certificate of Friendship from the Historic Crail Ranch Conservators honoring the contribution of the Rotary Club of Big Sky to the construction of the new Museum Project Center.

In remarks, Anne Marie Mistretta noted that the Rotary Club stepped forward with a substantial donation at just the right time. "It not only enabled us to move ahead with our plans, but it also helped bring forth support from other local organizations anxious to be part of this worthwhile community project." Mistretta and Dr. Jeff Strickler, an active Rotarian, also presented Beekman with a copy of their book Images of America: Big Sky.
Rotary Honored for Supporting New Crail Ranch Project Center
Research Uncovers Facts About 1980s Gathering at Crail Ranch
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